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It's The Biz is coming thru a letterbox near you!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

It’s The Biz has teamed up with Kent Leaflet Distribution to bring you this edition.

They use their own, fully supervised, staff to undertake deliveries, which you can be certain are carried out with care and consideration, and never delivered to those properties displaying “no circulars” or similar messages.

Although some people don’t like unsoliciited mail or advertising, it’s still an effective method of marketing for businesses seeking to reach out to potential customers.

Now, more than ever, we need to cherish and support our local businesses in high streets that were already struggling even before the Covid-19 pandemic crisis gripped us all.

Now that social media platforms are ever present on smartphone, tablets and laptops, those using them can be subjected to a bewildering array of advertising messages which in many cases are visible only briefly and quickly forgotten.

A printed advert or flyer has the potential to be saved, pinned up, passed on and, in the case of a magazine like this, hopefully read by more than one person in a household.

For businesses seeking to attract more custom, getting a well-designed and printed message through local letterboxes is a valuable weapon in its marketing armoury, resulting not only in sales but also local brand reinforcement – making sure the business name is a known and functioning entity – especially important in these uncertain times.

Here at It’s The Biz we obviously hope the magazine is picked up and browsed in as many homes as possible, so that the various local companies, charities and community activities get the recognition they deserve and attract the attention they are seeking.

And next time a flyer drops through your door, take a moment to cast your eye over it and spare a thought for the livelihoods dependent on the business it may generate.

Then pop it in the recycling bin.

Printed advertising gives your customer something tangible More affordable than newspaper advertising or billboards Make sure the right people see your ad with targeted delivery.

Info@kentleafletdistribution.com 07592 093401


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